Phantom Thread

Phantom Thread ★★★★½

kiss me, my girl, before i'm sick.

i'm struggling to put into words what it is i love about phantom thread; so much of the meaning it conveys goes beyond words, into a realm of unspoken emotion.

one undeniably fantastic aspect of the film is its performances: daniel day-lewis and vicky krieps are an impeccable team, electric from the moment they lock eyes. vicky krieps in particular is mesmerising, endlessly watchable, and very very robbed of an oscar nomination.

phantom thread is a tribute to love and the things it makes us do, to the women we love and the ways they shape our lives. it's a love letter like no other, unafraid to delve into darkness and explore the sheer reckless abandon that makes one person love another. it's beautiful in its darkness, with a strain of wonderfully black humour and possibly one of the best endings of 2018. all in all, an absolute fucking masterpiece.

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