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This review may contain spoilers.

- I’m gonna write a longer when I get home in like 45 minutes probably but the first half of the movies kinda meh but it gets better in the later half. Also those post credit scenes are insane.

- Ok so I got home, ate dinner, exercised and I’m about to shower so I’m gonna write this review in the bathroom.

- Ok there’s gonna be spoilers through out this review so ignore review if you haven’t seen the movie.

- Why did they have to kill Gilgamesh? He absolutely didn’t deserve that. At least he went out like a hero. 

- I’m kinda getting tired of the evil Superman thing but I think Ikarus wasn’t that bad. I hated the twist because I think Richard Madden’s a fantastic actor and I’m sad he’s “dead” (I don’t think he’ll be dead forever. The Celestials probably have copies of them somewhere so I think he’ll be back). Though he’s great at playing the villain *cough* Rocketman *cough*. 

- I’m interested in where Marvel goes from this. There will obviously be a sequel (based off fan reception and box office) and I think we’ll get a Black Knight show or movie. He was a great character for the little he’s in the movie but his post credit (Which also has a Blade cameo) sets up a possible show. I hope we get that show because I think that could be awesome.

- Also here’s my rankings of the Eternals
1. Gilgamesh, Absolute beast 
2. Phastos, On the verge of being better then Gilgamesh because of his relationship with his family, but he didn’t sacrifice himself for love so yeah.
3. Sersi, She turned a celestial to stone so that’s cool.
4. Kingo, I just thought he was funny.
5. Makkari, I don’t know she didn’t do much but I don’t know I liked her.
6. Druig, Besides his questionable morals he was cool.
7. Sprite, I don’t know she didn’t do much except joke and betray Sersi.
8. Ajak, She didn’t do much but she was there Phastos after Hiroshima so yeah helpful mom of the group.
9. Thena, I don’t know she just was kinda boring. Liked the fight with Kros though.
10. Ikarus, I was fine with him at first but then he became evil so yeah screw him. 

- Overall an enjoyable Marvel movie with a mostly slow and boring beginning gets better as we go along with great acting, fine action, an enjoyable storyline, and some cool set up for the future of the MCU (I’m expecting a Star Fox and a Black Knight show sometime in the future). I gets the 19th spot pushing Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf down a peg. Peace out.

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