Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

Finally did the rewatch of the rewatch. This time fully paying attention and I finally realize the amazingness of this. I liked it a lot originally but I didn’t connect to it as well as most. This time I finally understand it. This movie fucking rocks. It’s got action, it’s got heart, it’s got an existential crisis. It’s got everything, everywhere, all at once. Ke Huy Quan deserves every single award right this second. He manages to play three different versions of the same guy all with extreme differences and personalities with such ease. Sometimes in the same scene he’ll switch and he does it perfectly. Michelle Yeah also plays Evelyn perfectly. She plays a woman who’s always wanted more in her life, but has never tried for it insanely well. I genuinely hope Ke and Michelle win every single award they can for there performances in this film. Then there’s Stephanie Hsu who on rewatch I loved the performance a lot more. She wasn’t bad or anything in my original watches just wasn’t as much of a standout as she was this time. This time she truly shined as a character tortured by her pain with her mother and just wanting acceptance. I think she’s less likely to get awards or nominated for any awards, but I still think she was fantastic this time around. Everyone else was great as well. The VFX were also great especially for being done by only a group of 5 people. Then there’s the script. I appreciated the script a lot more this time around. So much so that it may have beat the On the Count of Three script (I also wanna rewatch that soon, but I wanna see if there doing a physical release before I do so) for my favorite script of the year so far. It’s such a in depth and thinking film that does everything so right and pays off everything. I’m lazy so I’m gonna end this review but this film was fantastic on rewatch and I finally see what everyone else sees. Peace out and “You think because l'm kind that it means I'm naive, and maybe I am. It's strategic and necessary. This is how I fight.”

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