Parasite ★★★½

“Not “rich, but still nice”, nice because she’s rich.”

i mean, it was ok???????
it plays and is set up as a thriller, the performances are giving you comedy (sometimes too on the nose about it too). it’s like they were playing caricatures of poor people and the rich family were just pawns in the story. that blend of genres is something that is naturally entertaining though. the cast looked they had too much fun. but it left me cold for reasons i don’t know 🤷‍♀️ a lot of things that happened were very convenient and try hard. slow build with violent turn at the end isn't very satisfying because there is weak character attachment. i straight up didn’t care about the results of what happened. (ouatih did it better!)
i thought the eat the rich sentiment was pretty tame in my opinion, i’ve seen way more scathing takes in other films. this even at times sympathises with the upper class family, that are played as dumb and naive. there were great moments but it never held my attention for too long and dare i say it, but it just dragged. i felt like there was a point of too much exposition and could have been wrapped up quicker yikes. the production design and the slick directing style were the standouts for me. i was invested in the first half but for some reason lost it in the last half and it became much more distant and just didn’t resonate as much as i wanted it too. i’m genuinely lost for words as to how this is getting so much praise.

why are you booing me, i’m right

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