Captain America: The First Avenger ★★★½

Gonna rewatch all the Cap movies to prepare for something ahaha 😉😉🤫🤪🤪

But anyway, this movie is underrated. I’m definitely biased because this was the first MCU movie I watched in cinemas and that introduced me to the MCU (even though I’d already watched Iron Man a few times as I had it on DVD), but this was when I realised it was all connected. Even aside from that though, this is still a fun as hell movie.
Sure the second act is weirdly paced, and sure the 3rd could’ve maybe been better, but I love most things about this movie.
I think the choice to make Cap a propaganda figure, as he was in real life, was genius. The propaganda montage is one of my favourite scenes in the MCU, it’s just brilliant.
And Chris Evans as Cap is pretty much perfect casting. 
The main theme is absolutely great also! 😤👌
It is kinda cheesy and the villain is a pretty generic evil bad guy, but I think it works, especially for such a wacky character.
The skinny Steve CGI does look a little wonky at times, but for the most part it’s pretty good and passable.
I know a lot of people argue that Steve is too good and has no flaws or whatever, but I think that’s what makes him work. Sometimes you just need a really real superhero y’know? I also think that’s why the Russo’s do so well with him; they make him far more interesting than he probably should be - but I’m not talking about TWS yet, so I’ll save that for tomorrow haha.

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