Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★★

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

After getting literally everything spoiled and after a week of it being out, I finally saw it. And it was great.

I think I’ll go over in points what I liked first:
-Tom Holland is great as usual, probably his best performance yet as Spidey.
-At first I thought Jake Gyllenhaal was sort of bland and under-acting but then when he was inevitably revealed to be the villain he became great as he usually is.
-Something about this movie made it feel so different and unique from all the other MCU movies and I love it.
-The CGI is fucking great, especially compared to Homecoming. 
-The score is amazing just like HC.
-The illusion sequence is probably one of my favourite scenes in the entirety of the MCU, it was god damn beautiful and extremely well done.
-The action was phenomenal, there were some really creative shots and in general it was all pretty memorable.
-I thought the humour was well done in this one compared to Endgame for example, where it felt forced sometimes. Some of the things like the ‘hooking up’ part really shocked me, guess I just wasn’t expecting something like that in a Disney Spider-Man movie lmao.
-The ramifications and effects that Endgame has on not only Peter, but the entire world were really well implemented and I like how we’re shown exactly what has happened since Endgame in the first 5 minutes. Though I guess that means Cap died off screen after EG? Or maybe they just don’t know he’s old. Either way I’m still sad the best Avenger is gone.😪 (yes he’s the best Avenger you can’t even argue stfu.)
-Peter & MJ’s relationship was cute and awkward and I think they handled it pretty well.
-Mysterio was a great villain and even though I knew it was coming it was a good twist and his backstory and how his ‘powers’ work was clever.

Now for some things I didn’t like:
-I think in general the pacing was too fast, it felt like there were multiple scenes missing. Ik the ‘Peter’s errands’ scene at the beginning was cut, but I mostly just mean how Peter & Beck never really seem to form a relationship besides that one scene on the rooftop before he gives him the glasses. I think that also made the movie feel a lot shorter, and the climax didn’t feel like a climax to me, it felt like a 2nd act battle, Mysterio’s death was just a little underwhelmimg. Hopefully he comes back and isn’t actually dead because I would really like to see Jake play him again.
-I felt like they maybe could’ve held the Mysterio twist for a little longer before they revealed it, but I understand why they couldn’t since you can’t really do much with the elementals.
-I think they probably should’ve ended up having the chad guy show MJ the pic, as it would’ve added more to their relationship and some more stakes in general, it felt a little too easy when Peter was able to just delete it.
-Something felt really off about Fury & Hill and all of that stuff, obviously it’s because they’re Skrulls but in general it just felt really weird... idk I can’t explain it.
-This might seem like a nitpick but why does Peter take his mask off literally everywhere lmao, there’s some parts like in the bar where he should NOT have his mask off. Ik in that example it’s an illusion but he didn’t know that. Or on the bridge for example, he kept it off for way too long, I thought Flash was gonna see him or something.
-Nick Fury felt a tiny bit shoehorned in, it felt at times like he was just there so they could have the post credit scene. It made sense for him to be there, but the awkwardness I mentioned just made him feel uneccessary at times.

So yeah, I enjoyed it more than Homecoming by not much, definitely one of the most unique and memorable MCU movies imo, in terms of action alone. I’m interested to see where they go with the whole Peter’s identity being reveladed plot line. Hopefully he manages to fix it and he doesn’t just not have a secret identity for the rest of the MCU. Just like Happy said, he should be Spider-Man, not the next Iron Man.

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