The Cloverfield Paradox ★★½

Okay so I’ve never seen the other 2 cloverfield movies, I hadn’t seen any of the trailers and all I’d really seen was terrible reviews of the film, so I guess I didn’t have too much good exposure beforehand. :P
But I mean it was alright... A lot of the parts were just really bad, cliche, predictable and... Well just bad. 😂
Also I was doing Geography homework while watching this so I didn’t have full attention, but I don’t think that would’ve really made a difference tbh, lol.
Oh, and the ending was... meh. It wasn’t the best and I know the rough plot of the other 2, but for someone who doesn’t I can only imagine that would’ve been quite confusing.
Right now I’m trying to make my way through my Netflix watchlist, then I might do the Amazon Prime watchlist or just my giant list of movies here. 😂
It’ll probably take a while and it’s hard to keep up with all the new movies that I don’t get to watch in the cinema, but I’m gonna try my best. I’ll probably watch Bright next... And I haven’t had too much good exposure to that either. :P 🤣