The Shining ★★★★★

Holy shit.
I know it seems like I rate all of these classic movies 5/5 just because everyone does, but I genuinely do think they are amazing. I also have Endgame rated 5/5 so if that makes all my opinions irrelevant to you then so be it haha.
Anyway, I don’t think there’s much I can say that hasn’t been said. The acting, the music, the mystery & eeriness, the composition & cinematography... everything is just perfect.
I don’t watch a lot of horror movies, like literally none, but from the very little I’ve seen I know what they’re like - jump scares and scary music. And this is by far the best horror movie I’ve ever seen, this is the standard that horror movies should at least try to achieve.
I’ve heard good things about ‘IT’ because it’s not like other horror movies, so maybe I’ll give it a watch.
This didn’t really scare me at all though, but it kept my heart pounding, which is something I don’t think I’ve ever felt while watching a movie...

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