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i would say this film is everything. we ain’t talking about a horror film with pretentious metaphors that are only build and delivered for the easiest viewer’s consumption, without putting any effort to understand the layers and meaning behind the concept and metaphors. we’re talking about a film with historical and political context behind it, which, in my point of view, are the highest and lowest parts of the film. it’s a film about motherhood, power, empathy, energy. kind of an exploration of women’s sexuality, anger, compassion, spirituality. 

the film itself is everything that reimagining horror should be. i would sum it as one of the worst of all nightmares, and as a slow burn that we, as viewers, are all interested in seeing the process to the end. 
plus, the acting. can we talk about how terrific tilda swinton, dakota johnson and mia goth performances are in this film? it honestly blew my mind. 

the dancing sequences. the script. the cinematography. the music. everything is in its highest level of quality. 
the beauty and brutality in volk are breathtaking. i couldn’t look away. it was sharp, bold, violent, but also, magical and beautiful. it’s almost as if blanc had cast a spell on the viewer.
when unmade started playing and all of that happened, i started crying.

the way that susie cries and sighs heavily whenever one of the girls faced the wrath of the coven, when in fact, what they needed the most was to be together and stay strong, showed how heartbroken she was seeing what they were doing to her innocent girls. not being able to stop them wrecked her, and it showed her maternal spirit. she’s a mother.

i don’t know. there’s just... a lot to unpack and understand. but certainly, it’s a piece of art. perhaps, the best that luca guadagnino and his brilliant mind ever did.

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