Cinema of the Strange

A list of strange, disturbing, surreal, bizarre, abnormal, self-aware, nonsensical, nonlinear, stylized, campy, over the top, or otherwise weird films that are split into 10 categories (listed alphabetically) of 100 movies each, those categories being:

Action/Adventure: The Adventures of Baron Munchausen - Zardoz
Animated: 1001 Nights - Yellow Submarine
Comedy: 200 Motels - Zelig
Documentary: 21-87 - Zorns Lemma
Drama: 3 Women - Zabriskie Point
Fantasy: The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T - The Zero Theorem
Horror: 1408 - Zombie Flesh Eaters
Science Fiction: 12 Monkeys - X: The Man with the X-ray Eyes
Thriller: Amer - Zigeunerweisen
Arthouse/Experimental/Other: 10/65: Self-Mutilation - You, the Living