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  • A Quiet Place

    A Quiet Place


    First full „review“:
    I heard a lot good festival-responses and read a lot interviews about Krasinski & Blunt being married for over 10 years, their first movie together, having their second baby few months before starting with this movie(which makes it even more personal for them), the cast learning sign language, an actually mute actress for a mute-kid role wanted by Krasinski and his ideas/motivations for doing this kind of horror-movie. Since I’m a sucker for authenticity in a lot of…

  • Justice League

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  • Only God Can Judge Me

    Only God Can Judge Me


    Vallah Bruder, ich schwöre dieser Kemper und dieser Simon sind dumm wie Brot und checkens einfach nich, dass in der Sneak der gleiche Film läuft, wie am Freitag. Vallah Bruder. Shisha-Joke & „von hinten an die Fotze“ still 10/10!

  • Dredd



    Why isn't every Comic-book-adaption this gory & cool?
    and of course:
    Olivia Thirlby saves the complete movie, wow!