Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★

I think this may be one that benefits and grows from a rewatch, for numerous reasons, the main one right now being that I fear I went into it with ridiculously high expectations. I never saw a single trailer for this, and avoided reading much on it at all, so knew nothing aside from multiverse and sausage fingers. Skipped over all reviews that came in on my feed here, as well, but seeing the run of high scores/"Best of 2022" type of accolades definitely had an impact. I was expecting to come out having some euphoric revelation, that it would be unlike anything we'd ever seen, which is primarily still true. One day removed from it, though, my biggest recall is how much it combined humor, inventiveness, and martial arts/action set pieces, and when viewed as film for that specifically, it feels like it fits alongside movies like Kung Fu Hustle or Big Trouble In Little China.
All that said, it's still a great film, and definitely in my wheelhouse.

Slight spoilers below.
While everyone wants to talk about the sausage fingers universe, I was so happy that no one mentioned one of them was a Wong Kar-wai universe. What a delightful surprise when I realized what they were going for with that, and damn does Ke Huy Quan belong in one of them for real!

Biggest shock for me in the film came during the credits: "...and Jamie Lee Curtis". I went through the entire film and didn't once pick up on who that was!

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