The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel ★★★★★

"Indeed, that's what we provide in our own modest, humble, insignificant... Oh F**K it.”

Elegant. That’s the word that better describes this whole movie for me. Wes Anderson is definitely one of the most unique directors currently on activity with his revolutionary way of making cinema and, with this movie, it’s clear that he is also one of the best.

Every single frame on it is an absolute work of art in “Boy with apple” level of masterfulness. Very fell times in my life I’ve been so impressed with a movie’s cinematography and ambience like in this Anderson’s masterpiece. The number of highlight performances is soo huge that I could probably make a whole review just about them, specially the ones by Ralph Fiennes, Willem Dafoe and Jeff Goldblum that are absolutely incredible.

Wes Anderson managed to create a fantastic yet believable new world that, combined with the masterfully written characters and charming narration, can quickly seduce most viewers into embracing the wonderful experience that it’s excellent comedy, great drama and even incredible tense moments is able to provide. Just love it.

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