Bo Burnham: Inside

Watched in line for an estate sale. A lot of great stuff. Incredibly long line for this estate sale, though. However, once inside I got this beautiful throw blanket for like twenty dollars. It’s two children wearing hockey masks, beautiful browns and oranges, a really unique throw blanket. They (whoever ran the sale) didn’t know what they had. Only $20. Currently the center piece of my house. When you walk in, you see this beautiful throw blanket on our couch. I tried to identify the artist of it online but couldn’t find any info about them. Que sera sera! 

Bo Burnham celebrated his 30th birthday alone in the dark in this. For mine I plan on going to Hawaii. I’m also depressed, often. Hawaii will help! He should’ve gone to Hawaii. Too late now. Could come for mine, though. If you search diligently there’s some great and cheap flights from LA to Hawaii. I am inviting a small group of friends, most likely, but if Bo Burnham wanted to join I wouldn’t stop him. Especially not after writing this. I’d have no ground to stand on. He could say “you wrote in your letterboxd review you wouldn’t stop me,” and I wouldn’t have much of an argument (no ground for standing). I’m sure we’d all have a great time.

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