Mary Poppins Returns

More of a mood than anything that really gets stuck in your head. But a good mood nonetheless. I’ll probably go see it again with my family at Christmas. But I won’t say it’s “More of a mood,” bc they’d all make fun of me. 

Something like this I imagine...

*Family, walking silently, content to not talk after movie*
“What’d you think?” - me
“It’s good! Fun.” - mom
“...” - dad
“Dad?” - me 
“Yeah.” - dad 
“yeah what?” - me
“S’good.” -dad
“Yeah. I guess. The music didn’t really catch, neither did a lot of the jokes. It’s more of a mood than anything that really sticks with you. But a good mood nonetheless.” - me
*family continues to walks to car, more silent than ever before*

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