The best of "Shitty Guy is Sad" Cinema

  • About Schmidt

    About Schmidt

    The ending scene is a high point in "shitty guy is sad" cinema, when Nicholson breaks down and the sad overtakes the shitty by almost 80/20.

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  • Coming Home

    Coming Home

    A great "Shitty Guy is Sad" movie blurs the line between shitty and sad, and no subject matter blurs that line better than the Vietnam War!

  • Sideways



    Payne is back on the list; he and Hal Ashby are America's most prestigious Shitty Guy is Sad filmmakers!

    Sideways is some of the best shitty guy is sad. You've got two shitty guys who are shitty and sad for almost opposite reasons, and they're HANGING OUT! So much shitty and sad to enjoy in this movie, you will absolutely walk away feeling slight shitty, slightly sad, and slightly above these lovably miserable characters. An absolute "Shitty Guy is Sadsterpiece"!

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  • Dog Day Afternoon

    Dog Day Afternoon


    A couple of shitty guys are sad- and they're robbing a bank! Pacino often plays shitty guy is angry, but in this momentous role, sad is the yin to his shittyness yang. Featuring John Cazale at about 70 sad/30 shitty, a great movie for fans of Shitty Guy is Sad cinema.

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  • Midnight Cowboy

    Midnight Cowboy

    Oscar-winning shitty guy is sad. A lot of these movies have two shitty and sad guys, one slightly shittier and one slightly sadder than the other. A great formula!

  • Greenberg


    Ben Stiller is a shining light of the "Shitty Guy is Sad" cinematic universe. Please Ben, make more Shitty Guy is Sad!