Midsommar ★★★★★

"Trust me, alright? You’re gonna love it."  

Ari Aster... my dear Ari Aster, what the fuck have you done to me? what the fuck have you done with my HEAD? Why am I still trembling in fear almost 3 hours after I finished watching this absolute nightmare? 

If you follow me on Twitter you must know I have been talking and waiting for this movie for a really long time. Being a big fan of last year’s horror sensation Hereditary, I was really excited and curious to see what direction Aster was going to take for his next installment and let me just tell you, my excitement and curiosity were a hundred percent satisfied with the result. 
A horrific slow-burn in complete daylight that involves a swedish cult, what else could you possibly ask for?  Every frame is more beautiful than the previous one, thanks to Pawel Pogorzelski who does a fantastic job with the cinematography. The editing is really sharp and flows extremely naturally. The score is absolutely magnificent and bone chilling at the same time. The acting is terrific all around the board. The costumes are absolutely gorgeous and the set design is incredible. You mix all of this and you get Midsommar, the most fucked up breakup/feminist movie in recent memory.
Whilst I do agree with most that the film is not as "scary" as Aster’s previous work, I do think it’s more effective and disturbing. Some of the images I watched won’t leave my mind and don’t think they will anytime soon. It just sticks with you. The whole film just feels like something you shouldn’t be watching if we’re being honest. I felt like I was wrong for looking at the screen during some scenes. especially during that one sex scene which disturbed me so much I almost had to look away. 

I don’t think it is possible to talk about this movie without mentioning Florence Pugh’s bombastic, absolutely insane, tour-de-force performance. Seriously you guys. The work she does in this film is something you would not think is possible. The first 15 minutes alone shows us her abilities and how far she can actually go... She plays Dani to actual perfection. The way she manages to portray a character that deals with grief, anxiety and whose really vulnerable so perfectly simply proves she’s the one to look for. It’s known that she’s always been a really good actress but this absolutely solidified it. I honestly don’t see how anyone could possibly top this performance this year, at least for me.
I am already thrilled with excitement to revisit it all again tomorrow. 

This is without a single doubt taking the number one spot on my favorite films of 2019 list. Ari Aster has done it again people.

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