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This review may contain spoilers.

"Do you not love me anymore?" 

Finally got the chance to watch the director’s cut. Honestly didn’t think it could get any better and richer with only ~25 minutes added but here we are. Everything just clicks perfectly here. Not that the theatrical version didn’t but this cut makes the whole thing stand TALL. It’s like the puzzle is finally solved. There are two particular scenes that make Christian’s death at the end so satisfying and relieving for me (as weird as it sounds), the first one in the beginning with Dani apologizing to him for being anxious and confronting him about the trip to Sweden (which, by the way, absolutely crushed me... the way Florence delivered in that scene is absolutely chilling) and the second one shortly after the lake ritual when they have the big argument because Christian doesn’t want to leave. Those two scenes just made the whole cathartic ending so delightful and important. Still the best film of the year folks!

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