Annette ★★★★

The effort that went into making this (performances, score, visuals, etc.) is beautifully obvious, and I just appreciate it so much. To be honest, I oscillated between liking the film and not while watching. It’s definitely bold. There were some weird moments that pulled me away, but the ones that worked really alleviated that resistance and grabbed my attention. When things fell into place, it felt so effective. I think a large percentage of that could be attributed to the acting just because it was so fucking good, but obviously everything worked together. It prompted some of those curious moments where all of the chaos just makes so much sense. I love when filmmakers can do that. Point is, I’m glad I sat through it all. This movie was cool. I madly appreciate Simon Helberg after that conducting scene. Oh and Adam Driver’s performance was outrageously amazing. that man is SO GOOD and somehow just keeps getting better.

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