Halloween ★★★★

Halloween '18 is gruesome, carrying a lingering essence of being both haunted and hunted, all the while exploring the cathartic nature of these events to its characters and the inexplicability of evil itself and the many forms it can take. Only the single presence of this individual with a mask was enough to carry a shot, as if it was death looking down on us. There's no running and hiding from him, who walks as slowly as do we, human beings, towards death itself, so just him being somewhere is enough to convey all that tension and terrifying fear of what we know is about to happen. It is a very effective horror film in doing so, both with camerawork and soundtrack all cooperating to help the film soar. And it really does, to a level I did not anticipate. It's what a sequel should always be: respectable to its predecessor and the groundwork put down by it, working with and around its story to help it reach new heights. A clear home run to the franchise.

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