I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★★½

This was highly enjoyable. Didn't go in with many expectations, but the storytelling was engaging from the first minute and only increased along the film. It's pretty clear this was made to humanize Tonya Harding and to show all she went through with her mother and also the unfairness of judges in the competitions she was in, all the while not making her a totally likable human being. This is still a very skilled competitor whose talent and love for the sport can't be denied or forgotten by the things she did or might have done after, but she's also an arrogant person, who makes mistakes but fails to admit to them. Even though a lot of it seems crystal clear, there are still some very contradictory and doubtful situations and that's one of the things where the humanity they wanted to give Tonya was a little lost (it does seem like that was on purpose, though).

The cast was great. Margot Robbie is the highlight of the film, as expected. She slayed my life, especially in the make-up and court scenes. I hope she gets nominated for an Oscar, it will for sure be deserved, but I don't think she'll win given the competition. Allison Janney was also very good and should get a shout out from the Academy, even though I would still give the win to Laurie Metcalf in that category.

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