Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★★



My mind is just rambling right now, it's been like four hours or so since I left the movie theater and my thoughts on the movie still haven't sit down. But I loved it, I really did. I was so afraid and was really expecting being underwhelmed by it from what I've heard, but this is probably my favorite Star Wars movie. The first hour is a bit uneventful, it's very good but it definitely feels like the film hasn't started yet and that something's missing. Thankfully they figured that out because the other half of the movie is just AMAZING. The visuals are to die for, and I was blown away with the contrast between the red and white and how beautifully those scenes were shot. I'm not even one to get emotional when watching something, but there's something about The Last Jedi that actually made my eyes tear up a little in some moments. Mainly because of Carrie Fisher but I really think they went in those moments with a very subtle approach so they felt natural and full of emotion to the point they were indeed touching. Apart from that, there were also A LOT of scenes I 100% loved and thought were perfect, such as the Rey/Kylo Ren fight, one scene in particular (not wanting to spoil) where someone travels in light speed that was so breathtaking and well done, and of course the final battle which is just a feist for the eyes, the ears and the heart. Loved the new creatures as well, especially the gorgeous foxes and the cute little porgs.

Amazing work, Rian Johnson. I'm really disappointed that this film has been trashed by some people. I think the whole humour aspect is being blown way out of proportion. Yes, there were more jokes than in The Force Awakens but they weren't that cringy and they didn't turn Star Wars into a comedy franchise. Calm down, people. One think I would agree is that there's one romance that was avoidable and I think they could've spared the movie from that. People of different genres CAN be just friends and care for the lives of one another by just being friends.

Anyway, Star Wars is my favorite franchise and I need to rewatch this to get my shit together.

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