Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★★

This holds really well on a rewatch, better than I expected! The Last Jedi explores the characters to much deeper levels so the audience can walk alongside them in this journey, all the while not sticking to what we've all seen before, and I think that's really commendable. It's brand new and it does really bold moves, pushing the Star Wars franchise further and 100% in the right direction, in my opinion. I absolutely adore what they've done with Luke in this installment of the franchise, it made him a much more fascinating character in my eyes and he got the perfect ending after the epic final battle scene. The visuals were spectacular and I still can't get over the beauty of this film, from the cinematography to the actual creatures and locations where the scenes were shot. I did have an issue, which was already there but became bigger on this rewatch, and that is the Finn and Rose's subplot halfway through the film. It really doesn't add anything and it's just plain unnecessary. It could've been so easily replaced by a not so dragged solution to the main plot's problem and the film would feel a lot stronger as a whole.

For me, this one continues to be my favorite Star Wars film. I loved the big chances the director took and it's an overall fascinating ride, as is a lot of the other installments of the franchise, and I still don't understand how can this be so unappreciated. Maybe in a few years people will be more kind to what The Last Jedi has done and finally give it the praise it always should've had. I sure hope so and I also hope they won't be afraid of another backlash and continue to take the franchise forward not looking back.

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