The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★★

In this story of a descend into madness there's a fascinating harmony between the director's vision and the execution of that same idea through the use of sound, image and two actors who (continue to) showcase their talent in wild settings with gripping and sometimes bizarre dialogues. As The Lighthouse dwells in the contrast between black and white, the light and the darkness, we are slowly faced with the vulnerability and fragility of our human minds. The ambiguity of the meaning of this film placed between metaphors and myths is fittingly presented in an equally polarizing style as the director plays with the beauty horrible events may have, all the while remembering us from time to time of the disturbing nature those same events can withhold. It is in this greatness of masterful execution of all aspects a film contains, that The Lighthouse ends up shining as bright as the beacon of light it portrays.

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