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This review may contain spoilers.

In my contuining series of bad movie going experiences, I am pretty sure the screen wasn't calibrated. The movie has two subtitled lines and they were cut off on the screen. I know Carax is annoying but I can't imagine he cut off subtitles on purpose. Also, it feels like at one point we should be ae to read a news headline but that was not possible. I'm going to blame the projector on this one.

The opening number is pretty engaging. The rest of the film is an absolute snore. This movie is so far up it's own ass. There's 3 pretty engaging sequences in total. For the all the other scenes they go on way tooooooo long. Every scene your mind is just screaming "get on with it!"

Adam Driver playing a hybrid of Bo Burnham, Bert Kreischer, and Sam Kinison is interesting. Marion Cotillard is always great.

Is this movie supposed to remind me of Natalie Wood? I don't know if this movie is trying to be that provocative 🤷‍♂️.

Adam Driver drives through a tunnel multiple times in the beginning and is that the Blade Runner tunnel? I think it is?

Can someone please ask Clint Eastwood what he thinks of the baby in this movie?

That one scene that used rear screen projection with the water was fun, I guess.

Mad respect to any movie that has the same ending as We Need To Talk About Kevin except it's sung.

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