The Father ★★★★

- a very creative and visceral take on some well-trodden territory. the small cast all do a great job. olivia colman has the most expressive face of anybody ever. i hope she continues to space out these dramatic roles with more comedic ones. it can't be healthy for me to see olivia colman cry like that.

- this was an accidental anthony hopkins double feature. i have nothing new to add about his performance. he's good. really good.

- i loved the way the interiors are shot and lit. from cut to cut the shadows on the characters' faces soften and harden and shift around. the digital look also really works for me here.

- honestly this has all the components of a film that i would love and i'm not sure where it falls (just a bit) short for me. great performances, well-crafted, interesting form, simple story, tight script. i think my mind was busy inserting my own family's experiences into this, which is just a pointless exercise, but that's my fault. i'd commit to watching this again with a different mindset, but that's a tall order given how hard it is to watch.

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