Us ★★

Peele’s sophomore slump. Where Get Out started scatterbrained and slowly gelled into a cohesive resolution, Us starts strong and unravels by the end of the runtime. 

That’s not to say it’s an entirely forgettable picture. I’m continually impressed with Peele’s screenwriting, where he deftly doles out information, weaving in set ups and payoffs effortlessly. That’s no different in Us, where every minute action or offhand comment is probably a motif in hiding. 

But Get Out worked so well not only because of its commentary, but because at a surface level it’s a great horror film. The same can’t be said for his follow up effort, which operates entirely thematically. It’s not funny or scary, and the film’s logic is held hostage to its message. There are many baffling scenes that work well on paper but just do not play onscreen. Which is puzzling, considering how well Get Out blended comedy and tension. 

A disappointing outing by Peele but I’m not at all worried about his future work. This one just misses the mark.

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