King Kong

King Kong ★★★★★

It is difficult for me to imagine what emotions the audiences experienced in 1933 when KING KONG premiered.  It plays out like a better-than-average adventure movie for 45-minutes with exciting sequences that include a native kidnapping and set-up for a sacrifice.  
Then a minute later, cinema history is made when Kong appears and the benchmark for the Top in adventure filmmaking is set at a new high.  Many audience members would have remembered the silent film, THE LOST WORLD, les than a decade before.  But, KING KONG had improved the formula and it is still very exciting so many decades later.
The Blu-ray restored the Overture, and the several shots of monsters (including Kong) chewing on people had been previously restored.  So, King Kong is definitely a killer ... moreso than we saw on the many television showings starting in the 1950’s.
Still, the iconic scene on the Empire State Building always saddens me ... so much so that I’ll often watch MIGHTY JOE YOUNG before I’ll watch KING KONG, even though I know the latter is the better movie.  Back in college, we screened KING KONG on a large outdoor screen one evening.  When Kong knocks down one of the planes, the college students cheered.  Maybe I’m not alone.
KING KONG is an excellent example of cinema magic.  When filmmakers get it right ... Wow!

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