This started as a personal record of films I've seen since August of 2012. It's grown a bit since then.

Favorite films

  • The Philadelphia Story
  • Rio Bravo
  • Chimes at Midnight
  • Out 1

Recent activity

  • Wish

  • The Godfather: Part III

  • The Godfather: Part II

  • The Godfather

Recent reviews

  • WALL·E


    My niece stayed over for a sleepover. We narrowed down the movie choices to this or Haunted Mansion, and I would like to see Haunted Mansion at some point, but watching this again with my kids and my niece was lovely.

  • Return of the Living Dead Part II

    Return of the Living Dead Part II

    Watched for Hooptober 10.

    I may have already told this story, but once upon a time I took a road trip with my husband (best friend at the time) and another friend to see our old knowledge bowl coach. One of the things we did once we got there: she gave us a tour of her town. And at one point in the tour she pointed out the rusting containers of nuclear waste before mentioning we maybe shouldn't be on…

Popular reviews

  • The Cavalier's Dream

    The Cavalier's Dream

    I wonder how hard it is to cut, switch out actors, and start the film again in exactly the same spot and pose? How ever hard or easy, the guy who plays the cavalier is good at it. Slightly distracted even in this incredibly short runtime by how long the cavalier's hair (wig?) is, and by wondering if the ghost-ish people were wearing robes or sheets.

  • Hobgoblins


    Watched for Hooptober 6 on Prime.

    Pretty sure the hand to hand lesson with gardening implements was lifted from Star Trek, most likely the 'Amok Time' episode. (I love how oddly they fight in the original Star Trek.) Also pretty sure Club Scum was secretly a VFW. Also also pretty sure they had five stuffed animal hobgoblins and one hand puppet hobgoblin--although it's possible they only had like three stuffed animals. (The number of times they showed the hobgoblins that…