The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

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This review may contain spoilers.

This was just bananas. The first one was so completely intense it's still hard for me to put the experience into words, but it also had a certain rough coherence. There was the idea of the horror experienced by an animal raised for meat. There was the idea of society beginning to seriously splinter--Leave it to Beaver people running into strangers with no kindness at all to depend on. There was... kind of a plot? At least a 'this happened, and then this, and then this' and it hung together. I guess that's a plot. This one though, bananas. Total absurdist bananas.

The Frankenstein's Monster thing that Leatherface had going on was interesting. The character was much more horrifying in the first one, I think because the faces were June Cleaver type suburban-housewife-looking faces. It was so jarring. This one, the face was any old horror mask, especially if you want to evoke Frankenstein.

I'm very glad Stretch survived the movie, although, in the spirit of the first one, it's not clear what exactly is left of her. She's definitely a survivor, strong and canny. It's a shame Lefty was such a total dud as a lawman or sidekick or whatever he was supposed to be. For a while somewhere in the middle I figured he would turn into another Leatherface, essentially, like a method lawman gone around the twist, but he turns out even worse, and when Stretch thinks he's going to be a helpful investigator he literally drops her into the Sawyers' lair and then appears to forget she's in there while he's trying to cave it in. She better be the top newswoman of the Texas Chainsaw universe after what she had to deal with.

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