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  • The Evil Clergyman

    The Evil Clergyman


    jeffrey combs and david gale kiss except david gale is a rat. i don't really know what else i can say about this except that i shouldn't have watched it in the school library where everyone could see my screen

  • The Doom Generation

    The Doom Generation


    it must suck to be a character in an araki movie. all that pressure to be cool and trendy and you're probably just going to get murdered anyway

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  • Stop Making Sense

    Stop Making Sense

    i spent the entire time looking at ednah and lynn instead of david, to the extent i kinda forgot he was there. they're much more exciting to watch and seemed really thrilled to be involved.

  • Valentine



    set designer 1 watching the carrie prom scene: omg guys

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  • Wine Country

    Wine Country


    there is nothing of value here

  • About a Girl

    About a Girl


    err... what? that ending was awful but not in a 'damn, that really does happen and i am troubled by our society' way but in a 'are you really going to use teen pregnancy as a shock twist?' way. aside from that, this is your pretty average social realist fare, trying to convince you that people are people by making the viewer as uncomfortable as possible.