Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping ★★★★

You cannot know how excited I was when, after the opening scene and credits, this film continued to be a mockumentary. I'd thought that was just a fun way to set the scene at the beginning, but no, it's thankfully the whole damn movie. Best since Spinal Tap?

Not only is it hilarious - in an admittedly stupid, childish, silly, immature, ridiculous cameo-bombing way - but it's a very clever sendup of the music documentary, a genre I'm a particular fan of though one that, like everything we hold dear, is deserving of parody. It loses its steam towards the end with some cheesy plotting about friendship and redemption, and some of the jokes overstay their welcome SNL-style, but for most of the show this film just gets it, wittily and energetically jabbing at celebrity, the media, the music industry, pop culture and excess and doing so with the playful absurdity you'd expect from The Lonely Island and with a crapton of appearances from famous faces (too good to spoil, but pretty much everyone is either in this or mentioned/joked about/parodied in it).

Samberg, Taccone and Schaffer are all great as always, with the former of course being the centerpiece and the latter being the jealous friends who do all the work and get none of the credit (meta: those two directed the film; obviously a jab at some of their own group dynamics). Most notable of the supporting cast - which is absurdly loaded with great performances - is Chris Redd as the insane rapper Hunter, who joins Samberg's character Conner 4 Real as an opening act, only to steal all the attention. Sarah Silverman and Tim Meadows are also notable.

Full of low-brow, random and downright dumb humor, it's hardly gourmet, but I laughed a hell of a lot, more than at any other movie this year. And the songs - great as always from these guys. Bin Laden may be appearing on my songs of the year list; I can't imagine myself listening to the others outside of the film, but they were definitely chuckle-worthy in the moment.

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