Christian is definitely not a good boyfriend for Dani, but it’s clear to me they are stuck in a situation that is almost impossible. She loses almost everything, but it is also made clear that before that awful thing happens, he (or both of them) are basically over the relationship. Dealing with someone grieving while in a situation like hers is an unimaginable thing to go through. I don’t like the choice to rape someone for being a bad partner in a completely hopless situation. He was drugged with witchcraft and rapped, he did not seem interested in the red head at all. It’s pretty obvious that not a single expression on Christian face represented anything other than discomfort. I don’t like being this person ever but I just can’t help but point out how different this film would be perceived if the sexual assault was the other way around. I was immersed by the filmmaking technique and found it funny for the first two thirds, but I had a blank expression the entire last third. A guy at my screening just sighed okay when it ended and that’s kind of how I felt as well.

Also a few side notes:

The tent wasn’t supposed to catch fire and the men inside weren’t supposed to feel any pain. All of the rituals and practices meant nothing in the end which I liked.

The film does a reprehensible job handling the sister’s suicide

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