Lucky Grandma ★★

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This review may contain spoilers.

Vaguely funny, but almost entirely forgettable. The basic premise generally works: grandma is predicted to have good luck, picks up the money-stuffed bag of a recently-deceased gangster, is then bombarded with bad luck. But very little is done with this premise. Both in terms of humour and narrative, that our grandma is actually in possession of masses of money is almost a red herring. She buys a fancy/kitsch chandelier; that’s it. We are instead lightly nudged through the motions, the grandma being pursued by the money’s various claimants until the inevitable stand-off, in which granny’s whimsical robberies have finally put her family at risk. A moral core must be reasserted, normalcy removed. How dull. A few of the gags work, sure, but a far greater number rely on it being funny when an old person does something rude. A shallow pool indeed. The ‘look’ of the film is muggy/anonymous; Tsai Chin is fine, but the acting otherwise is unexceptional; this is a film that, on a most basic level, functions, but otherwise is more notable for the simple fact of its existence. Yes, Lucky Grandma is one of the films of 2019.