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  • Cruella



    Cruella has no business being this good. Extremely competent filmmaking; a spin on a character and story which completely works.

  • Hairspray



    What a wholesome little-big flick. I’ve avoided both the original and remake like the plague until the other night. I like the narrow focus of the film. It’s the strongest point by far. She just wants to dance on the TV, and wants everyone to be able to do it. Super body-positive and arid level dry in its comedy. The aesthetics are incredible, evoking images of Little Shop of Horrors. The music numbers are a little on the weak side,…

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  • Homeless for the Holidays

    Homeless for the Holidays


    This gem is far from the epitome of Dove-approved entertainment. Despite the ambitious holiday plot and premise, the performances fall wonderfully flat. I watched this in early December, and can't stop thinking about it. I think it might be the (notably efforted) low budget compromises that might've charmed me. It felt very home-made and DIY. It made me think of the possibilities of low-budget filmmaking, if anything. If a bunch of Midwest church members can write, direct, produce, and star in a feature - what's stopping us? Tl;dr - this crappy Christian film inspired me to think about DIY filmmaking.

  • My Dinner with Hervé

    My Dinner with Hervé


    I've never seen a more competently made film suffer from such a level of poor writing. Hervé's depression is the centerpiece of the film, much to no surprise. Hollywood always short-changes biopics with the overdramatized "big star" brooding trope. Hervé's long involvement in the LA underground art scene is too briefly touched upon, and his artistic and romantic relationship with Sue Tyrrell (Oscar nominee and part of Warhol crowd) and involvement with Forbidden Zone is completely left out. 

    I was…