Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Pointless. That’s the best word to describe this film. I honestly gave this a chance but it only pissed me off. I wasn’t a fan of the 2018 film but at least that one tried SOMETHING. This sequel doesn’t do anything but show us Michael killing people. That’s it.

Before I continue on this rant I want to share my positives. For one, Michael is fucking awesome. I loved his look and the performance by James Jude Courtney. I thought he was brutal and scary. The film got him right at least… too bad he’s in this shit film. I also liked the flashback sequences. I know those were fan service but I thought they were well executed and Dr. Loomis really looked like Donald Pleasence. The Halloween III masks were also a joy to see but again it’s only fan service.

This film felt like one big 2nd act. The pacing was way off. It was long and pointless and that’s because this is the second chapter of this trilogy. Just like Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom, this felt like a “filler” movie just so we can get to the “Final Chapter” of the story. It felt like the filmmakers put in as many kills as possible because there wouldn’t be anything else to this story. There really isn’t even a story. We just see Michael killing people while the citizen’s of Haddonfield react in the stupidest ways. Speaking of which…

There’s a subplot involving an angry mob hunting down Michael, and where it ended up was baffling. At first, they split up to kill Michael but one group gets slaughtered, because they’re idiots, and that’s it for that. The rest of the subplot involves the mob taking over the hospital and trying to kill another escaped lunatic from the bus crash from the 2018 film. I don’t understand this choice besides the fact the filmmakers are trying to preach how Michael is turning the citizens into monsters. That’s an actual line of dialogue from Brackett and I literally groaned when he said that. Not subtle in any way. The film is trying to say that becoming an angry mob only leads to bad results but in the most pretentious way possible. Completely and utterly pointless.

Laurie does absolutely nothing in this just like in Halloween (1981). She’s in the hospital the whole time and she spouts fucking awful lines of dialogue. Her daughter and granddaughter are once again terrible but at least they do more in this shit than in 2018.

This film brings back some old characters from the original film but again they do nothing. Tommy Doyle, played by Anthony Michael Hall, had the most screen time and I liked the performance, but he was wasted. Every old character was wasted and it only made me more angry. Why bring them back if you’re not going to use them? Pointless.

There was absolutely zero tension and atmosphere. I knew coming in that there’s another film after this so I knew Michael wasn’t going to die. Why announce another film before this is even released? That’s terrible marketing and it ruined any tension this film could’ve had.

The writing sucks. The comedy is back and it ruins some of the only scenes that had a tiny bit of tension. Every single character’s dialogue was so over the top and “Hollywood like” that it was distracting. Also all the characters make the stupidest decisions and it was frustrating to watch.

My biggest issue was the ending. BY FAR the worst ending of the series. When the mob ganged up on Michael, I actually sat up in my seat with anticipation. Of course, it goes nowhere and Michael slaughters them while Laurie delivers a terrible monologue. The film ends in the most unsatisfying way possible.

It’s disappointing because Michael Myers was so good in this but they waste him in this fucking awful film. I hate to say it but even the score was underwhelming. These new films are just not for me I guess. I will never watch this again.

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