Buffalo '66

Buffalo '66 ★★½

Buffalo 66 is stuck between my deep appreciation of the stylistic direction of Gallo and my uneasiness with fully believing in the story he was trying to tell.

His main character is utterly believable but the story he’s thrust into feels like the romantic subplot of Joker without the realization he’s making it up.

We are supposed to believe Ricci would fall in love with a man like this and in real life it probably happens but under the guise of Gallo’s empathy it feels deeply problematic and utterly unbelievable.

Christina Ricci is magnetic and fantastic in what should’ve been an Oscar nominated performance. She was famously banned from the premiere of the film and body shamed by Gallo. Even without knowing the behind the scenes drama, it’s clear to see they are on two different wavelengths.

She’s selling the idea that we can love someone like Billy (Gallo’s character) but the problem is the direction is so strong in the negative aspects of Billy that it makes it hard when the film tries to sell the love story. 

I honestly would love to see more from Gallo as a director but it’s clear he is an artist with something to say.

It’s just a shame he stands in his own way...just like the characters he plays.