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  • The Imitation Game

    The Imitation Game

    1. Hero is introduced as flawed but good-hearted.
    2. Hero's backstory is intermittently revealed to explain flaws.
    3. Hero makes witty remark.
    4. Hero is doubted by peers/higher-ups.
    5. Hero faces adversity and earns respect of peers/higher-ups.

    Peer 1: If you fire him, you'll have to fire me.
    Peer 2: That goes for me as well.
    Peer 3: And me!

    (How did this screenplay get on the Black List?)

    6. Hero repeats witty remark so the audience feels in on the joke.
    7. Hero has epiphany.
    8. Hero wins the war.

    The Imitation Game: also known as the biopic industry.

  • Dangerous Days: Making 'Blade Runner'

    Dangerous Days: Making 'Blade Runner'

    Dangerous Days: 214 minutes of Blade Runner behind-the-scenes goodness. What it taught me:

    • The three tenets of the film's aesthetic are "night, wet, and smoke"
    • Harrison Ford hates voice-overs
    • Guillermo del Toro loves voice-overs
    • Miniatures and matte paintings are lost arts
    E.T. almost killed the film's legacy
    • Filmmaking is so collaborative it hurts
    Blade Runner is the neo-noir (or perhaps a better term is pro-noir (pro in the "forward" sense) in that noir takes place in the '40s and '50s, neo-noir updates that setting, and Blade Runner pushes that setting into a dystopian future)