I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★★★

I expected to like I, Tonya a lot going into it, but not THIS much. It just does everything perfectly. The pacing and narration are really what do it for me technical-wise, but there's so much put on the table. The soundtrack is amazing and used perfectly. The past-present storytelling helps bring life to the plot, and clears anything up that could possibly be confusing. The characters are all funny and dynamic, and the acting by Allison Janney, Margot Robbie, and Jeff Gillooly was fantastic, especially Janney.

I also never knew Figure Skating was this interesting, I expected this to be the weaker part of the film but it was definitely one of the strongest. The edits of Tonya skating were edited pretty much perfectly and super entertaining, and were not dragged out at all. I wish there were more of them, but really can't complain about that.

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