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  • Forbidden Games

    Forbidden Games


    Not so much a children's movie as a movie about children. Be warned, Forbidden Games is unrelentingly bleak-- it's literally about a pair of kids who cope with loss by building a graveyard. The child performances are so exceptional that one has to wonder how much manipulation was required to get them to emote so effectively, especially Brigitte Fossey, whose credible tears make the final scene a real gut punch.

  • Clash by Night

    Clash by Night


    This is how you do melodrama. Cast is uniformly great but Stanwyck just crushes this part. Not as stylistically interesting as Lang's more famous efforts but surprisingly frank in its depiction of adultery.

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  • My Fair Lady

    My Fair Lady


    Terrific music and enough charm to gloss over its flaws. The misplaced perception that Hepburn stole this part from Julie Andrews has given her performance a bad rap, but she's actually fantastic, and more than capable of shedding her blue-blooded upbringing and aristocratic charm to play a Cockney flower girl. That said, the real star is Rex Harrison's man of a thousand quotable insults, Henry Higgins. The "confirmed bachelor" gets all the best numbers, and delivers them in irresistible sing-song…

  • Come and See

    Come and See


    A horror show that grows more nightmarish with each frame. Tender and comic moments punctuate the film but only add weight to the carnage that follows. Yet despite its unrelenting bleakness Come and See achieves a kind of horrific beauty-- some of these images will be seared into my memory forever. The most visceral depiction of war I've ever seen.