The Northman

The Northman ★★★★★

I Am Amleth The Bear-Wolf, Son Of King Aurvandill War-Raven. And I. Am. His. Vengeance!

Violence, blood, dirt, fantasy, evil, fire, snow, honor and revenge are elements that manifest themselves unashamedly in an Iceland contained in prophecies, kingdoms, warriors and folklore.
The important role the mythology has in the work is also appreciated, both for the presence of rites, gods and it's rich culture.

Robert Eggers gives us another wonderful staging with a setting and an atmosphere that only he can create. The costumes, the make up, the locations, THE PHOTOGRAPHY, the actors... All this, together with the obsession with detail that is so characteristic of him, comes together in a masterful way to transport us to the Viking Age.

Going into some specific aspects, first of all, highlighting the great performance by the entire cast, Alexander Skarsgård and Anya Taylor-Joy eat up the screen every time they enter the scene and have great chemistry between them, and I must also highlight Nicole Kidman, who with a masterful performance, scores some of the best scenes in the entire film, and William Dafoe who shines with only a few minutes of screen time.

On the other hand, the action is very well carried out at all times with good choreography, all the scenes are very well filmed, giving us epic combat, which is enhanced by some pretty great use of gore.

Since this is an Eggers' movie, I expected it to be really slow phased, just as his other pieces of work for example The VVitch, but I was surprised to see how actually fast this was, it's good rhythm stands out despite having two hours and a half of footage, I was thoroughly entertained with all the problems that arise the main character along the way of his revenge.

If I had to choose a word to define this film it would be Brutal, it is set in the Viking Age, but it's not only set, for me it's like an highly accurate incarnation on the screen of the Viking worldview.
I was so excited to see this ever since I saw the first teasers and it did not disappoint at all, just as epic as I thought it would be. It's definitely my favorite film of this year so far.

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