The Florida Project

The Florida Project ★★★½

“The Florida Project” is a mini-masterpiece of a film that needs to be seen and appreciated. The children in this film are superb as are the supporting players. Willem Dafoe gives an amazing performance as the manager of a low budget motel in the Disney area of Florida, struggling with all the drama wrapped around several welfare strapped tenants. This is independent film making at its best and the young girl played by actress Brooklyn Prince is absolutely incredible. I can’t say I was satisfied with the ending, but perhaps it helps make this movie original as it’s not what I was expecting. The most frustrating thing about this film is how it reminded me how absurd the Best Picture win of “The Shape of Water” was. This is a far better film and even though I felt “Billboards” deserved to win, I also could have accepted this film as Best Picture. WOW… It’s a mesmerizing story that will have you entertained, amazed and shocked at times.
In my useless opinion…
Cheers! Craig

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