Hereditary ★★★★½

Wow. A lot better this time. The cinematography is pretty amazing. The soundtrack is disturbing. All of the performances were pretty great, especially Toni Collette. She was amazing and so many seem to agree that she is the one who gives the best performance in the film. The movie was also incredibly disturbing and I say this as someone who very rarely gets disturbed by an horror film. I wasn't very scared or anything but I did feel uncomfortable at times and that's quite the achievement. The decapitation scene and the mother realizing her death was very intense and emotional to a very high extent. I thought almost everything about the film was amazingly well-done. My only problem is the ending. I am conflicted with it because of how it may cancel all the mental illness and dark family drama in the film by later turning it into a paranormal festival where the source to all problems was that the grandma belonged to a weird ass cult and that's about it. I honestly really wanted to believe that it is supposed to be like metaphorical to something like how it relates to how we feel into following the traditions of our relatives or that it was actually an illusion exemplifying the history of mental illness in the family because the idea that it was all because of a cult sounds absurd and feels so limited in its messaging. Honestly, those beliefs for the ending in my mind are what keep everything standing for me.

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