Perfect Blue ★★★★★

I am at this stage in my life where I am about to move on from a depressing comfort zone that I held for too long. But despite of that, I just feel fear, anxiety, desperation and pressure on me. I feel like things will be so much more complicated and so much less safe. I feel I am not ready at all and that my life will just be unbearable to the point that I won't want to live any second longer on this Earth. I am told that I should move on to a new position and start handling things on my own but while my body has indeed grew, my mind hasn't moved at all and stayed at 14. And that teenager sees this decision he has to make and he feels confused. He doesn't know how to answer and says he'll answer later. He isolates himself to hide from his new responsibility. He is just not ready and if he ever stepped a foot on this new world, he would be dead in a instant. So he stays in the other side and slowly dies in his own lack of motion. You may not have to work but also, you'll die without that food.

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