Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★★

After Endgame, I must admit I felt like the MCU would suffer from a little spot of blandness for a while. Thankfully that is not the case with Spider-Man: Far From Home. It manages to be a great Spider-Man story as well as a hopeful glimpse into the future of the MCU.

Tom Holland in particular continues to be the best version of the lead character that has been put to screen and here he manages to portray a hero who realizes here that he has to grow up faster and come to terms with the responsibility that rests on his shoulders now. Holland undeniably does a spectacular job in keeping up with the character as the character grows.

And he's definitely helped in bringing greatness to the film by the supporting characters like Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Ned and others but the absolute highlight of the supporting cast is Zendaya as MJ. Who manages to be a compelling and terrific co star to Holland. And their chemistry onscreen is for lack of a better word: electric.

Obviously there's also the usp of this film, namely Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio. He's just so good. I mean yeah that's to be expected, It's Jake Gyllenhaal but he's just everything I wanted the character to be. Love Mysterio.

I think maybe my one complaint would be that I think some characters like Betty Brant and Flash still haven't gotten the development they deserve. And on a side note I know people have had 'complaints' about Flash, but the reason why he's more of a friendly annoyance as opposed to a direct bully is because bullying kills people. Nobody wants to see a bully in these films.

But yeah Spider-Man: Far From Home is yet another wonderful addition to the MCU and yet another great Spider-Man film. Oh and one last thing. Feige if I had any issues with you before this film, that mid credits sequence has erased them. Mwah. Chef's kiss.

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