• Halloween



    Ah Yes, the perfect movie to watch on your birthday. But seriously this movie is a masterpiece on every level. The tension is probably some of the best-crafted tension in every movie ever. Every single scene every single tracking shot even during every single line it all seems like Micheal just going to pop out at every given moment. The tension just slowly builds and builds creating this terrifying slasher movie that constantly keeps you at the edge of your…

  • Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

    Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Ok So I watched this in the theater on my birthday and there was absolutely nobody in the theater and honestly it was the perfect experience. Because some annoying fetis would've ruined the movie for me by not being able to shut up.

    Anyways talking about the movie however this was quite solid. i think one thing I noticed very quickly was the Sam rami elements and they were top tier. From some pretty fun gory sequences. To a couple…

  • Before Midnight

    Before Midnight


    Ah Yes the final on win the trilogy and this one I have more to talk about. Honestly this probably the most flawless trilogy and one definitely doesnt hold back. A lot of the things that make the first two so amazing are still very much here. The conversations are honestly just perfect and sometimes even better than the ones in the first 2. Once again Linklater somehow is able to take normal everyday conversations and make them so interesting…

  • Before Sunset

    Before Sunset


    I know I'm being lazy for not reviewing this but everything amazing abo it this movie is what I love about the first one.

  • Daisies



    So Yeah this was kinda cool. It's definitely an experimental film and that probably creates the best part of it. The editing is really good and helps to make the film as fresh and as new as possible. It makes it feels so much more unique and like it's own movie with the way thing sare edited and I appreciate that.

    Also are two main leads are so entertaining to watch. They're both filled to the brim with personality and…

  • The Tragedy of Macbeth

    The Tragedy of Macbeth


    So this is my first ever time watching a Shakespeare film adaptation and it was definitely interesting to say the list. I think the best thing by far about this movie is the breath taking cinematography. The Coen brothers from the two other movies I have seen from them never struck me as geniuses from a cinematography stand point until I watched this movie. Everything scene is like an amazing painting that enhances the unsettling at times atmosphere that while…

  • As Good as It Gets

    As Good as It Gets


    This is kinda good ig

  • Dead Poets Society

    Dead Poets Society


    Wow this movie was shockingly amazing. The thing is there isn't a ton to say about how great it is but I guess I'll go ahead.

    First off the performances are great there all very real and amazing in a lot of ways. They all feel so raw and incredibly natural in every way possible. The thing is there aren't money scenes where it really tries to show you how truly amazing the performances are you just can tell they…

  • The Big Lebowski

    The Big Lebowski


    Flashy energetic a complete blast and a movie that strives off of being repetitive and turns that into something hilarious. Very little to say about this movie besides the fact it's an amazing time.

  • Children of Men

    Children of Men


    I know normally I have a bit more to say in my review but I don't have a ton to say about this film just a hell of a good movie with some great cinematography at times.

  • Before Sunrise

    Before Sunrise


    Wow... I'm am in complete and utter shock because I just witnessed one of the (if not) the best romance movie ever made.

    The thing is normally when I watch a movie that I give a 5 stars theres typically so much to talk about right. A lot of times when I see a movie I adore. The cinematography is gorgeus bright and flashy. The acting is perfect the dialouge and storytelling are put together at masterful level. A lot…

  • The Batman

    The Batman


    Got to see this movie again with my mom and I've realized that even if it's almost 3 hours it's still one of the most rewatchable cbms ever.