King Kong

King Kong ★★★★

My last viewing of King Kong was either in 2009 or 2010 with my late grandfather. I vividly remember King Kong above any other old movie he would have on. Old movies and the NBA Finals was all that he would cycle through during his visit then.

Going back to rewatch this masterpiece, the amount of build up just waiting for King Kong to show is fairly exquisite. For the first hour or so, we essentially explore the mental of our main characters only for all hell to break lose shortly thereafter.

What holds up well are the stop motion visuals. There are a few moments that I find laughable, but in a good way, particularly with King Kong's facial expressions. It's almost as if they wanted to show just how much facial expressions King Kong was make.

The premise is locked tight, although I do wonder exactly how Kong manages to be fully transported to New York. There are a few racist and sexist quips, but I can look past those given the time of release. None were extremely off putting or egregiously bad, but obviously none of it is acceptable either. Naturally, if you can look past these inherent flaws, I think you'll have a grand time.

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