Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★★


Definitely doesn't deserve all of the hate it is getting from critics. This is a superhero movie. What do critics expect, the next Dark Knight? I sure didn't, because that's not what this movie is going for.

I was skeptical with this movie to begin with, then i finally got excited for it thanks to the final trailer. After seeing RottenTomatoes scores and reviews, almost all of the excitement I had was gone.

Well, I decided to watch it anyways. And it was actually a pleasant surprise. Definitely better than I expected it to be. Action scenes were pretty great and there was plenty of entertainment throughout. Everyone nailed their role in my opinion. Especially Affleck.

It was probably a little too long but it kinda needed to be. The plot was a little confused, somewhat messy and all over the place at times, but the action and heroes made up for it. I can admit that it wasn't perfect at all! But it was still a heck of a lot of fun.

Not a revolution in cinema by any means, but definitely an entertaining, fun movie that's worth a watch.