I, Tonya ★★★½

“Where the fuck are my Dove bars?!”

the narrative structure is one that concerned me the most. Yes this whole fiasco had me invested, but I felt distracted by the “Wolf of Wall Street-like” tone it had with its over-use of fourth wall breaking.

The lighting is deadass good

But my lord, those skating sequences were horrible, from the CGI to the camerawork, ew no bueno

The acting is one that stood out the most (aside from the investment of the story)

Margot is too hot to play that white trash redneck Tonya Harding

I will say this is her best role

Also the amount of ass shots of Margot skating was great 

Goatee/mustache Sebastian Stan is my new thing

My mans Leonardo Di Caprio got to bang Margot, now it’s Sebastian fucking Stan

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