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  • Miss Hokusai

    Miss Hokusai


    At first, I thought this was a disjointed mess but midway.. Miss Hokusai turned out to be sublime. Some sequences were beautiful. Alright, spoiler alert. The death of O-Nao was heartbreaking..sort of reminded me of Beth from Little Women. The sequence was visually just sad. But otherwise, I can't say much for was just standard I guess. I would have loved more background info considering it's a biopic. Anyway, Miss Hokusai should have been better.

  • Thunder Road

    Thunder Road


    Jim Cummings is

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  • Article 15

    Article 15


    This is movie is such a joke. So stripped of its context is the lead character who knows jack about anything...and throw in some context and the lead character is picking out article 15 from the Indian constitution and pasting it all over his office to drive the message home : "there can be no discrimination" *cue in jana gana mana or vande mataram in the background*
    It's too fucked up that a civil servant is so aghast about caste…

  • 96



    I don't get why creepy gets dubbed as 'old school'.
    The music and cinematography is beautiful. VJS is dorky as hell. And great performances from both VJS and Trisha. The stalking and the intense pining over a school crush that never took off as a relationship is just too weird and yeah (there I go again) plain creepy. After 22 years. Seriously?! Pretty sure if STR did 96, it will be categorized as 'creepy' but since it's good-guy-VJS it's 'old school romance'

    One good thing is getting to watch Janagaraj again. That coupled with the school setting is proper nostalgia material.